Call of The Sirens: A Short Story

by Monica Loney of Inspire Me Monica
Illustrated by Kaethe Lassen

The boat had flipped and she was drowning.
Grasping for any piece of driftwood to get her afloat, with each managed breath, the maiden screamed out for saving.

But the boat wasn’t built to stay afloat.

The captain she trusted to steer the ship, had abandoned it long ago.

You see, he had followed the call of the sirens, filling his head with promises of a crystal sea.
And as he steered the ship closer to their enchanting song, the waves turned rough and the sea became unkind.
The maiden tried desperately to patch the holes as the boat started flooding.
But the captain was in a trance, unable to see what was happening.
Lost in the allure of the sirens and the chaos of the sea, he believed she was creating the holes, not attempting to fix them.

Heavy rains became their norm.
Waves crashed loud and high as the boat battled to push forward against currents.
Thunder and lightning filled the sky and all communication was lost.

Not ready to embark on this voyage, the two were left vulnerable to the elements.
And as the maiden cried for help, the captain tensed up, leaning more into the sirens’ calls.
Promises of a sweet escape from the rocky waters lay ahead.

But when the two finally reached the sirens, crashing into the shore, reality struck.
The maiden fell off the boat and the captain hit the land hard, awakening to what could not be undone.
The sounds of the sirens transformed from beautiful melodies into jackal calls.
Their piercing laughter filled the air; he was another pawn in their game of sailors at sea.
Stranded now on the deserted isle, the captain was left with nothing but a wrecked ship and himself.

As for the maiden thrashing about aimlessly in the water, she grew tired and started to let herself sink.
And it was in this moment of calm that she realized instinctively how to swim.
She could save herself from drowning.
The maiden grew stronger with each stroke as she swam farther away from the wreckage.
The water became calm, the skies became clear and there was a visible shoreline on the horizon.

About The Author

Monica Loney
Inspire Me Monica

“After experiencing a few life altering events, I decided to embrace my talents and take full control of my life.
I got certified in Intuitive Development and became devoted to creating a healthier lifestyle and finding inner peace. Through empowering myself,  I am now ready to empower others.  My goal in life is to assist women to uncover their true potential, so they can tap into their uniqueness and cultivate a lifetime of self-love and happiness.

Call of the Sirens was written to express one of my life altering events.
I believe that writing is a great form of self-expression that can help the healing process of any misfortune.”

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