Poem: “Just Be Happy” They Say

By Kaitlin Sowerby
Illustrated by Enzo Urbina @The.King.Of.Nowhere

Running without stopping
Falling without seeing
Noise without hearing
I don’t understand anything

Oh, look a butterfly, a tree, were you talking to me?

I’m repeating myself, you’re repeating yourself
We are in a circle of misunderstandings

Am I going crazy?

I don’t comprehend what you just said,
Can you say it again?

I’m not sad, I feel nothing
The sun doesn’t change how I feel
Numb, but not unhappy
Monotone, but I’m excited
The chemicals are imbalanced, but I’m trying

Everything is hard, but I don’t know why

“You lack dopamine, we call that ADHD
Take this pill, it will make it all go away”

I feel dazed and confused,
I’m unsure what is happening to me
“It’s not the right pill, let’s try another”

I can see clearly, I feel everything clicking into place

Until the crash

The pill has worn off,
Is this how I feel now without my medication?

“Just be happy”

That’s what they say

“Just be happy”

That’s all it takes

Forget about the doctors, they just prescribe pills
They don’t know

“Just be happy”

“Just be happy”

“Just. Be. Happy.”

If only it was that easy

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