Poem: Warning for the Next Boy in my Life

Written and Illustrated by: Maria Pletnev @mariapltnv

I’m not a stable ground.

I’m not a stable ground you can lean on.

Not that kind of ground you can grow old on.

And certainly not that kind of ground you can patiently wait for

and safely inherit.

This is a promise.

I’m not –

a stable ground!

I am a boiling earthquake.

Boiled with constant low self-worth, fears and insecurities.

Even if my ground tastes at first like sugar,

Don’t trust this ground!

I’m not a safety net.

I’m a spider web.

Entangled in myself.

You better not get involved!

About The Poet

Maria Pletnev

“I don’t want live anymore” does not automatically means that I am going to commit suicide, or harm myself.
It’s just a feeling that’s stuck with me and I am learning to live with it.

I started to write in high school. This was for me the most chaotic period in my life, and when I became familiar with my depression.
For me, writing was a way to release all of my feelings, and the only way I succeeded in expressing myself.”

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